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Quality of life, pain and return to normal activities following laparoscopic donor nephrectomy versus open mini-incision donor nephrectomy

J Urol. 2003, Perry, Freedland et al.

We evaluated pain, convalescence and health related quality of life in patients undergoing laparoscopic and open mini-incision donor nephrectomy.

Pain in the laparoscopic group was significantly less than in the mini-incision group at all followup time points (p <0.05). Statistically significant differences demonstrated that laparoscopy led to more rapid recovery time (…). Using the RAND 36-Item Health Survey, version 2 health related quality of life was significantly higher in the laparoscopy group in 3 domains that measure bodily pain, physical functioning and emotional role functioning.

The laparoscopy group had significantly less postoperative pain and required less time to return to normal functional activities than the mini-incision group. In addition, the laparoscopic group showed significantly higher quality of life scores than the mini-incision group in 3 domains.

In dieser Studie vergleich man die beiden OP Methoden zur Nierenentnahme: Lapraskopie und offene Mini-incision. Als Resultat stellte man fest, dass die Spender, die die Niere lapraskopisch entnommen bekamen, signifikant weniger Schmerzen hatten, sich deutlich schneller erholten und dass die Lebensqualität signifikant höher als in der Gruppe der Mini-incision-Spender war.

Diese Vor- und Nachteile der jeweiligen OP-Methode gehören in die Aufklärung.

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